Life is a journey. Your journey. No matter how or where you are in your journey right now, nothing like a shot of instant gratification with small pretty things that we use, touch, handle every day, many times a day. If you enjoy being around pretty, this is a list for you. Pretty little things on your daily routine that can make your life so much more pleasant! You work hard, multitask, fight and struggle, you deserve it! This guide will help you to get that glam feeling again!

1- Although it seems we can keep all notes, contacts, information we need in our devices these days, having  a pretty stationary or agenda is priceless. No matter where you will keep it, a cute cover will always be an inspiration to write down your goals and lists and open the door for your creativity.

pretty gifts to give to yourself

2- Need reading glasses? How many times you reach for them every day? Wouldn’t be amazing to find a well styled pair instead? If it is really, really cute, it might even put a smile in your face every time you need the annoying thing. Stop wearing the dollar store ones, you’re doing for yourself, as a treat. Check out this pretty pair from Kate Spade. I bet you will toss the cheap ones in the garbage!


pretty gifts to give to yourself

3- Your water bottle! The one you carry everywhere. Are you still using the one you got on a Boxing Day sale two years ago? It is big and the lid closes well but is clunky and black? What about changing it for an attractive one that also will keep your liquids insulated? This is the one and only of the pretty gifts!

pretty gift to yourself

4- What about indulging in a lush bath with salts and special bath soaps? I find that if you take the time to prepare your own bath, light some candles, dim the lights and throw your salt bath bombs in the water, you already start to whine down, watching them dissolving, waves of color and smell all over the bathroom! You will feel like you’re having a real glam moment!

pretty gifts to give to yourself

5- Going up one notch on this beautiful bath you’re offering to yourself, add  a pretty bath tub tray for your book and glass of wine. Close your eyes and picture yourself in this scene!

pretty things you should get right now

6- Ah, talking about wine… You need a nice glass to go with the bath, your glass. A crystal one, sparkling in the middle of the bath bubbles. I am not a serious wine drinker, I don’t drink actually hardly anything. However I can’t resist a wine that is poured in a beautiful crystal wine glass . Or champagne for that matter!

pretty gift you should give yourself

7- Now you’re craving some sweet… It is easy to go to your pantry and grab a chocolate bar or some Oreo cookies. But then you can also spoil yourself with some pretty and yummy macaroons all packed up in a gorgeous box to remind you that you deserve it!

pretty gift you should give yourself


8- Since we’re in the bathroom department, why not to get all the utensils you use every day in your bathroom, gathered together in nice trays that will also de clutter your sink. Beautify what you touch every day. It is not a huge expensive enterprise, it is a pretty gift from you to yourself and a way to add grace and beauty to your routine.

pretty things you should give yourself today

9- Don’t forget of upgrading something about that “thing” that according to some studies, we reach for around 2000 time a day!!!! Your cell phone! Get a new case strong enough to survive the endless handling. For this reason also it has to be nice to the eyes.

pretty gift you should give yourself

There is an interesting article here about how we probably use our smart phones more than what we realize.

And for the pretty case, my suggestion is this adorable one.

pretty gifts you should get for yourself

10- My last suggestion to you is one of most women’s obsession: a little pretty box. When our eyes meet ‘the one with your name on it”, who can resist to check it out in a store?  You might be still thinking of the precious box for days later on, if you don’t buy it right away. You always know exactly where you will put it, probably beside your lamp on your bedside table? You will know immediately what you will put inside.

What a pleasure to bring it home, unpack it, place where it belongs and fill it with our precious little things! I am about bows and hearts and mine rests gracefully by my side when I sleep.

10 pretty gifts you should get for yourself today

Enjoy your gifts!

Disclosure: There are some affiliate links below and I may receive commissions for purchases made through links in this post, but these are all products I highly recommend. I won’t put anything on this page that I haven’t verified and/or personally used.


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