Do you have more than one dog? A nice pack playing around the house, getting up on the couches and beds? Wagging their happy tails all over your place? Or maybe a couple of cats lying around the house.
I hear you! I have promised myself to never let my dogs on the bed or sofas and I kept my promise until our Turbo came along. We adopted him when he was 9 months old. He had been living in a few different foster houses. When we took him home, he jumped on the sofa right away, owning all pillows and making himself very comfortable and at home. Pillows and cushions are his essentials in life!
From there, the second dog, Stella just followed Turbo’s rules.
Here we are, several years later, juggling the joy of owning two Huskies while keeping the house clean and looking pretty.
It is a challenge, it takes work, patience but when there is no other alternative in place, because we love them so much, we have to find ways to do it!

Pets add the real sense of a home being a home

How to have a clean and styled house with dogs and pets

1 – Step one is very obvious. Shop for furniture that is pet-friendly, made of a material that is easy to clean and Scotchgard protected. The trick is to also pick the right furniture color, that ideally should match your dogs color! I know it is not the most desirable design option but in a long run, hiding the evidence is always a good thing in this case. There will be lots of days when you won’t have time to clean and not seeing the mess of dog hair all over the house helps a lot. You know it is there but not screaming at you!
Our furniture, carpets, pillows are all with tons of off white for this reason, like this living room below.

clean house with dogs

2 – A powerful vacuum is a must, but not enough. Once a couple of weeks I brush the carpet in the areas that are most used by them. Anything to have a clean house with pets!

3-  Keep covers on top of the sofas that will look like throws or blankets, again, in the same color pallet of your furniture. It is much easier to wash those. I have a big collection of IKEA cotton throws and I wash them at least once a week.

4- Mats are a must, by all your doors. Again, keeping extras will help you to be able to wash them often. Fortunately, there are lots of attractive styles that will match the dog’s color. Pick the washable ones.

5- The same trick applies to your beds. Throws, duvet covers, pillows all matching your main pallet (the dogs color!).

6- There are another few things to consider when buying furniture if you have dogs. A glass coffee table might be pretty but cleaning all the goby marks is not so easy.

7- Keep a towel close to the door for those rainy and muddy days. I have a cute doggy towel in their toys box. A cute toy box with a cute towel adds a nice touch to your decor.

8- Resist the temptation of getting the cheap Costco beds if you are aiming for a pretty design in your home. Keeping cute beds upstairs and on the main level can make the rooms look warm and attractive. So many house magazines add dogs beds to their pictures for this reason.

How to keep your home cleaned & styled when you have dogs # clean house with dogs

9- A super fun part is to shop for dogs accessories for their dishes, food containers, toy baskets, etc.





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