Yoga for people who sit all day

Find here some on line yoga practices that can help you after a day working at the desk. I have tested them myself. even if you don’t have much time, there are some short videos that will make you feel refreshed and more energetic. Give it a try!

Your dog’s love – 10 ways to give back all his love

We all love our dogs. There are some simple ways to give them all the love they give us, going beyond what we think. Taking them for a walk, for example, letting them sniff around till their hearts are content. Their walk, their way!

10 Pretty gifts you should give to yourself today

Nothing wrong with some instant gratification to add some zest to your life. It is your journey and you should do everything possible to make it easier, prettier and nicer! You should love yourself first more than everything!

How to get your partner on board with your interior design ideas and diy projects

Having problems convincing your partner on your renovations and design ideas for your home? Find some ideas on how to deal with this and start your new diy projects.

How to keep your house clean & styled when you have dogs

There are ways to keep your home looking styled and nice if you have pets in the family. Find out how!

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