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The 3 Huskies from The Crazy Husky House

The Three Huskies Crazy House I thought it would be a good idea to introduce these adorable 3 four legs (three by four, as we call them), that feature in so many of my posts here. They're family and a very important part of our lives. They keep us busy and active and...

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Which is the best food for Huskies

Guidelines for feeding your Husky based on the berry’s needs and characteristics, Husky feeding tips and facts about Husky diet that will make your Husky healthy and happy.

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Benefits of Owning Two Dogs

There are lots of reasons why people make the decision of owning two dogs. Lots of fun for the dogs, companion for the family and a joyful life for dog lovers.

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10 ways to show how much you love your dog

We all love our dogs. There are some simple ways to give them all the love they give us, going beyond what we think. Taking them for a walk, for example, letting them sniff around till their hearts are content. Their walk, their way!

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