Do you find difficult to make Yoga a daily habit?


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You will get a crystal clear picture of how to surround yourself with the right motivation so you won’t skip your Yoga practice even when is -20C outside.


Make Yoga as common in your day like sitting down and watching Netflix!

"Stick to your Yoga Printable Bundle " - An easy solution to boost your motivation to make Yoga a daily habit.

Helping You Achieve Your Best Yoga Practice even when your life seems upside down.

“Stick to your Yoga”  Printable Bundle

The inspiration you need to turn your Yoga practice into a daily habit for good.

A habit that will stick even when unexpected events blow us away.

Because those are the moments when we need the balance that Yoga provides the most.

Guided Meditation to get you started every day

Daily Motivational Yoga Quote Notes and Practice Journal

Wall Art Prints to be framed or display the way you want for inspiration

How this Printable Bundle will help me to stick to a daily Yoga practice?

You already know the ropes, Yoga is your thing!

  • This Bundle is a gentle push to get your Yoga goals set up, so you can  dive into the DAILY YOGA ROUTINE  that you always wanted.
  • Enjoy a few reminders of how much you value your Yoga
  • Get inspired and motivated to keep evolving in your practice
  • Keep track of your flows, goals and intentions

As any habit, after a while, your body will be craving the daily practice and you will be all set forever.

What is included in this Printable Yoga Bundle – $15

  • Meditation Guide : Meditation for Gratefulness, Compassion and Kindness
  •  5 Visual Clues for you to print and display anywhere you want
  • 4 wall prints size 8 in by 11 in
  • 1 wall print size 18 in by 24 in

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