How Yoga Can Shape your Body [updated]

Have you noticed how all Yoga instructors and serious practitioners have their bodies so beautifully shaped? Muscles are visible, skin glitters and their posture is always erect and confident. It is inspiring!
Yoga enthusiasts have these bendy, lean and majestic bodies. That’s exactly what a Yoga body looks like. How did Yoga transform their bodies?

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Yoga Body Transformation

You will notice many changes in your body if you choose Yoga as your main exercise. The yoga effects on body change will depend on how often you practice, the shape of your body and how motivated you are to see the transformation.

 Yet, as you start practicing frequently, your perception and understanding of what a “great Yoga body” means, will change.

Many people start Yoga in the quest for that Yoga body when they first start. However, you will soon realize that a beautiful body is a strong, healthy and well functioning one. It will also be toned, fit with well-defined muscles but the whole concept of a

Yoga body is based on health and strength first. Mental balance will happen as you follow the path.


How Yoga shapes your body

           A healthy body is a start for the physical transformation that you expect by practicing Yoga. Yoga has the potential to increase fat loss, develop muscle tone, and build flexibility, leading to a more lean-looking beautiful body.  

Yoga can change your body shape


Get your expectations right though: it will be a process and a journey, which will also improve your concentration and mood and will make you feel mentally and emotionally better.

  It may take several years, depending on your current physical condition, but once you get connected to your practice there is no way back. You will emerge into a unique lifestyle and will be amazed at how Yoga can change your body.    

What does Yoga do for the Body

         Your body will be the only weight you will be lifting. It is a natural way to do it, the muscle build will be leaner, your body lines will become less bulky, strong, beautiful, and more natural.   With Yoga, you will learn how to align your muscles properly in every pose and work efficiently with fewer probabilities of body injuries, while building muscle and tone strength. You will be providing the right amount of stimulation to your joints with plenty of oxygen (through breathing) to release tensions, stretching out further than you can.   Yoga instructors are very knowledgeable about how every pose can become more or less challenging, respecting the limits of your body and at the same time showing ways to push further. You will be guided knowing what is happening to your body, which never happens when you’re working out by yourself at the gym. Your body shape will happen naturally as you enter a Yoga practice habit.                                                                                                                             

Yoga benefits that will Transform your Body 

1- Yoga will improve your balance and mobility

We need body balance more than we realize. We only miss it when something is not going well with our bodies. As we age, for example, things become more complex. We become heavier, the joints are not as flexible and we lose muscle mass.
Simple things in life can be challenging when mobility is lost. Yoga will make you aware of your sense of balance in a deeper way.
A gradual improvement of your neurological system will happen as well, facilitating the body balance for anything you do. Feel like stand up paddling? Yes, go for it!

2- You will see big improvements in your posture

Almost everything you do in Yoga will require core engagement. This is huge for your posture. You will be using your core to stabilize your body, especially during the flow sequences. A strong core is a foundation for shaping your body in any activity, helping to prevent injuries and protect your inner organs.

3- Your lungs will function with full capacity

Yes, it can count as cardio, your lungs will be working at full speed pumping recycled oxygen. Just a few sun salutations (any level) will put your heart in the burning calories zone.
After a while you will be able to do it at home, no equipment needed. Yoga, because of it’s mindful attention to the breath amongst other things, works every single system in your body – it works your body from the inside out.

4- You most likely be able to maintain your weight without going through diets

If you’re a Yoga beginner try taking yoga body before and after photos.  Even the smallest progress (you don’t even realize is happening) will show up in your pictures. You will be able to lose weight at a safe, slow pace and will notice a big difference in how toned your body will be.
You will be using your own body weight to build up your muscles. As you lose weight and gain more muscle, the practice will become easier. You will be ready for new challenges, like Hot Yoga
Check out some photos of “Yoga muscles and Yoga toning before and after” here. 

5- Yoga will improve your flexibility a lot and I mean, a lot!

Even the gentlest type of Yoga will do the trick to improve your flexibility. One example is Yin Yoga, which can be as slow and gentle as you want.
It might not seem like you’re not doing much when you’re stretching in the beginner’s Yoga poses. There will be some pain involved but you’re creating space between your articulations and allowing more oxygen to circulate and lubricate the joints.
Gradually the joints will start to open up and muscles will get stronger. Your amazing journey on Yoga for body shape will get started!
how yoga can shape your body

6- Yoga will help with mental concentration

You will get used to working body and mind together, focusing on the moment, in the breathing, and in your inner self. It is a time when you’re totally focused on your body and your mind is busy with helping the body out.
You will learn to leave worries and conflicted thoughts outside of the mat and will embark in the flow of enjoying to let go.

7- Firmer abs, toned arms, and legs, firmer muscles

You can increase muscle tone and definition with Yoga. However you’re limited to “lifting” your own body weight and this will take a lot more skill, time, and determination than it would with lifting weights.

Your Yoga journey will lead to all of the above and depending on how often you practice, results will be very evident in a short time. Yoga relies on eccentric contraction, where the muscles stretch as its contract, which will make the muscles sleeker and elongated.


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8- Yoga will improve your body image and self steam


You might be asking: “Will Yoga get me to be in shape?” And the answer is yes, it will. It is a journey and of course, will depend on your body and how often you will be practicing. Your body image will start to make sense since the first class.


   You will start to enjoy just being present with your body, with no distraction, no comparisons, and no competition.              

One of Yoga’s main lessons is to be grateful for our bodies, respectful of our limitations, and patient with our progress.

              It is a deep dive inside yourself that can change your life: “all strength you need is within yourself.” The commitment is to challenge your body to the best of YOUR ability. Read more about it here.                       




How long until Yoga changes your body?

                    It will depend on your age and how fit you are, of course. The beauty of Yoga is that you can practice anywhere, with no need for equipment. Your body is your tool.                             I would say that if you’re practicing at least twice a week the results will be visible in the first 6 months. However, the biggest change will probably be in your mindset, of how your expectations of body changes will differ from your initial goals.          

   Related: Easy, Safe, and Simple Yoga Poses for Beginners                      Achieving a fit body with Yoga is possible and easier than you think. It is a process that will happen naturally as you are developing your practice. While holding the poses, your mind gets busy calming your breathing.

    Your attention shifts to your body in a holistic way. You won’t have any time to be checking on the mirrors to see how well you’re doing or comparing yourself with others. For one thing, there are no mirrors around in a Yoga room. It’s you with yourself.                 


How your body will look like with Yoga practice

Fit, strong, your body muscles will develop keeping the proportion of your body structure because all the weight you’re lifting is yours. Your muscle lines will be elongated and stretched, you will feel and look taller.

It is a totally different body than a weight lifter for this reason. You will be more focused on how well YOU feel rather than on how good your body looks, achieving the freedom to be your own YOUR body with all imperfections and limitations, learning to love it, respect, and honor it.

how yoga can shape your body

Health and Mental Benefits of Yoga

  1. Your immune system will be stronger. Fewer colds, healthier days, and more time to enjoy life.
  2. You will enjoy a mind state where you’re more peaceful and centered
  3. You will learn how to be in the moment
  4. The feeling of gratitude for being healthy, having a body that can move any way you want, will be so prevalent that happiness will be your closest friend.
  5. You will start to learn how to trust your intuition


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Amazing Health Benefits of Yoga 

Everybody is different and all these benefits above will vary in one way or the other. For me the main lesson Yoga has taught me is that our bodies are unique. Comparison and competition are not part of Yoga practice in any way.
You will learn to appreciate your body and value every step of your practice as an evolution in your physical life

Yoga body versus Gym body

It all depends on what you enjoy the most. Obviously, if you’re reading this article is because you’re interested in Yoga as your main exercise. It is an environment for the ones who strive for calmness and quiet.
If your goal is to build serious muscles you will need to add some extra weight lifting to do along with your Yoga. It can be a good combination as well. It’s your call. The way I see is, why would you waste so much time at the gym working each part of your body separately? You can connect all the dots and do it all at once with Yoga!
For example, your weight lifting will become more organic since is your own weight. In different inversions and arm balances, you will be multi-tasking with your body and mind.
Many different body actions will be happening at the same time: raising your heartbeat, opening up your joints, strengthening your muscles, and lengthening them out all at once. How’s that for efficiency in shaping your body through Yoga?

Putting all together:

Yoga will shape your body, Yoga will tone and change your body.
You will be fit and healthy but most importantly, Yoga will give you a body you will love. You will be embracing the Yoga lifestyle that allows for finding mental and physical balance.
That’s a road that can take you everywhere and can define who you will become.


how yoga can shape your body

Learn how Yoga can change your Body Shape

How Yoga can shape your body

how yoga can change your body shape

how yoga can shape your body

Beautiful Yoga Body

How Yoga can change your body