Feng Shui Home Office Desk

The new reality of working from home is here to stay. Our professional environment won’t be the same and maybe is a good thing. When we’re forced to put life as we know it on hold is time to explore new avenues.

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Working remotely from home has been the dream of many people. Now more than never, with all the changes the whole world has been facing, working at home doesn’t look as exciting as before.

We all have to find ways to be as productive as before. Yet, juggling family life, home organization, homeschooling, and cooking, all from the same place can be a challenge.

It’s also an opportunity to be creative and set up the space you’re working at your home as nice as possible.

For that, using some of Feng Shui concepts is a way of aligning good energy in your favor.

You will enjoy your home office in a different way. Why not make the most of the space where you’ll be spending many hours now?

Maybe you had to change careers lately or you’re looking for a new start for an online business. This is the chance to create the office space you always envisioned!



How to Apply Feng Shui Concepts in your house


It increases positive energy in your home, it’s a way to focus intention and to reveal the subliminal messages that a home relates to our subconscious.

It has been said that if you want to discover your subconscious beliefs and limitations, examine your home.

According to Sam Maximiliam, author of the book “The life-changing of Feng Shui”  your home reflects your identity and provides constant subliminal reminders of who you are. It reflects your interests, your beliefs, your hesitations, and your passion.

Your home tells a story about how you view yourself and the world around you. Once you identify the environmental messages from your subconscious, you can amend those messages into more positive, life-affirming symbols. When you change your outer reality, you change your inner reality. “

Feng Shui your desk for success

How to Organize your Home Office for Good Feng Shui

If you spend many hours sitting at your desk, there is a big chance that you also wonder what you could do to make your workstation prettier and more functional.

There are improvements you can make to transform your work area into a pleasant spot that is also attracting good energy for all the work you do there.

Efficient work = More productivity = More Success = Happier You

Especially if you work solely from home, your home office should be as pleasant as possible, in sync with your home design, and connected with the good energy of prosperity and abundance. 

Your desk is no exception to that rule and making sure you’re surrounded by good Feng Shui energy is a must.

That’s what good Feng Shui can do for you. From your office to your bedroom and your desk, take some time to place furniture and accessories following some simple Feng Shui concepts for your home office that will add a layer of good luck and positive vibes to your space.

When you can’t find an important document in the pile of papers, or you have a conference call and everything around is looking bad in the camera, it’s time to spend a few hours planning your space.

You deserve to work in a beautiful environment, that will be always ready for that conference call.  You’ll feel worth of working in such a great space and your productivity will skyrocket.

How to Feng Shui your Desk

1- The ideal Feng Shui Desk

The ideal Feng Shui desk takes into consideration its shape, material, color, and position in the room.

Wood is the best choice, if possible. It brings natural energy into the space and has a nourishing and vibrant quality of energy. Learn more about it here:  Wood feng shui element

However, if your work is technical, a metal desk brings the sharpness, preciseness, and clarity of the feng shui element it represents (the Metal feng shui element).

2- Using Feng Shui Bagua for your Desk.

Your desk should be placed according to the Feng Shui commanding position. This is when you can see the door to your office, you’re not in line with the door and have a solid wall behind you.

Bagua map - Feng Shui vibe

3- Decluttering is the First Step

Decluttering your desk should not be too difficult, make sure to get rid of anything that is not useful, broken, or in bad shape. Your papers should be minimized to the minimum now that you can store almost everything in different formats on your devices. Having piles of paper creates a sense of urgency and unfinished work that doesn’t benefit the flow of good energy.

It can be fun to declutter your desk and make it pretty and functional.

4- Determine what Kind of Work you Will be Doing

Try to match the character of the job you do to how your home office and work desk will function and designed. This harmonious setting will set the tone for your Feng Shui desk and office.

rectangular desk, for example, brings grounding energy with an element of growth and expansion. In that case place the desk with an open front, as this encourages better energy flow.

5- Find the Right Feng Shui Placement of your Desk

The best place for your work desk is “the command position”. It is when the desk is not aligned with the door, there is a solid wall behind you and you can see the door from your chair.

Avoid: Facing the window and having your back to the door.

feng shui desktop

6- Feng Shui Desk Color Guide

Color is one of the most important Feng Shui elements to enhance the energy in any room. It’s also an easy way to add style and charm to your office space and make it match your personality.

  • Brown: grounding color that creates a sense of comfort
  • Black: it’s an introspective color that promotes concentration and open-mindedness.
  • White: It facilitates clarity and discipline.
  • Gray: Similar to white, it has more power to aid focus
  • Green: It is revitalizing, creative, and nourishing.
  • Red: It is strongly activating and not a good choice for long-term use.

7- Avoid Having your Work Desk in your Bedroom

Your bedroom is your personal sanctuary, where you rest, heal, love and relax. As we all know, having electronics around that will distract you from mentally resting properly is not recommended. Take the time to test how you feel the energy in your bedroom with and without electronic devices around: Sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes and stay tuned for 5 to 10 min, breathing normally. Later on the day, remove all devices and repeat the same exercise.

Therefore is easy to conclude that electronic devices and sleep don’t go well together.

Make a serious effort to not work in your bedroom, place your work desk somewhere else and keep your bedroom free from your busy work routine.

Having your bedroom fresh, well ventilated, ready for your body and mind to rest will pay off on how productive you are.

Learn how to set up your bedroom with Feng Shui here.

8- Your Work Space Should Have Plenty of Natural Light, Good Air Flow, and Reasonable Space for you to Move Around your Desk

Several psychology types of research have shown that having natural elements—such as sunlight, green plants, and physical movement— to the workplace can boost employee health, happiness, and productivity.

Place your desk in a spot that makes sense for you. That means you should “feel” very comfortable in the space, and “feel” meaning, feel with your gut. For me is very important that I like the decor in the room I work. It makes a big difference in my productivity. Maybe you’re the same, work with the design of your workspace and pick “the” one desk that will boost your senses.

The combination of all these aspects will give you the best chance to be more productive and therefore happier with yourself.

Check these ideas for your desk/ workspace on my Pinterest board here.

9- Make your Desk Space at Home to Look and Feel like You

You probably spend lots of time sitting at your desk. It’s where you have to be productive and creative and where you’re generating money to support yourself and your family. It’s a big deal to have a working space where good energy is flowing to free your mind to be the sharpest it can.

10- Find Some Suggestions on How to Place Objects on your Desk

In this guide from Simple Abundance you’ll find where to place objects on your desk. Keep in mind that an uncluttered desk will always help you to get more organized and focus.

  • To increase your popularity and reputation, place any of these items on the back middle of your desk: a lamp, a red candle, your business cards, your name on a title plate.

  • To bring wonderful personal and business relationships into your work life, place any of the following items on the back right: flowers (fresh or silk), a picture of you and a loved one, an uplifting quote in a frame, crystals, especially rose quartz, beautiful rocks, a candle.

  • Place a picture of your family or a gift from a family member to strengthen the love and bond with your family on the middle left.

  • To enhance your creativity, place a colorful mug or bright notes with inspirational sayings or affirmations right in the middle of your desk. You can also fill a cup with colorful pens and pencils.

  • The middle center of your desk represents your health. Energize it with green and yellow or symbols of earth such as stones or shells.

Feng shui your desk for productivity

Wrapping up on Feng Shui your Desk for Career Success

Every time you work in a nice, pretty, and calm environment your productivity will skyrocket.

Get the most of these tips and apply immediately for a boost of motivation. It’s like when decluttering a messy space, your brain will be filled with renewed energy, wired towards your business success.

Happy Desk Organizing!