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How to add the energy of wealth and abundance in your house with Feng Shui

It is nice to think that we can somehow attract wealth to our lives. If you work hard and ethically, the odds are in your favour. Most likely you will be able to build a comfortable life for you and your family.

However if you also believe that good energy permeates the Universe in which we live, you can add a layer of harmony to your world that will increase your chances of welcoming wealth to your life: Feng Shui wealth.

Feng Shui to attract wealth fills the role of bringing a peaceful balance to your environment that can facilitate the flow of prosperity and abundance.

Chinese Feng Shui is a sophisticated and intricate metaphysical philosophy in which good luck is a very important element. The good news is that many of the common sense Feng Shui tips for wealth are not difficult to follow.

You can transform your home into a good energy place, where abundance symbols can be incorporated nicely amongst your own decor style.

Feng Shui principles promise to help your path to strengthen prosperity and wealth in your life. It is not magic though, there is some homework involved. Most of all, a positive attitude towards life is very important.

What to do in your House to Attract Wealth according to Feng Shui -Summary

1- Create a strong Front Door

2- Clear all Clutter from your Home

3- Set up your money area and Wealth Center

4- Keep your Kitchen well maintained

5- Double-Check the flow of Chi all Through the House

1- Create a Strong Front Door


Feng Shui fron door for a good chi flow


The front door is called the Mouth of Chi in Feng Shui. Energetically, this is how the house gets its Chi, or its energy nutrition. You want to find balance and harmony as soon as you enter the door.

– Do not have any recycling bins or old pots outside, nearby.

– Ensure that your front door opens widely without squeaking. 

– Keep your front door clean and nice looking

This is just the beginning. Once you get the good Chi into your home, you need to know what to do with it, and how to maximize its power.

Understanding the Feng Shui Basics and applying them in your home is very important. Everything starts at your front door.

The front door should be clean and nice looking, kept as an essential part of your house, not something we forget about after we shut it. A good Feng Shui front door will be welcoming good energy in, will also engage your guests inside and yourself, every time you enter your home. 

Look at some examples of gorgeous Feng Shui doors here. You will love it!


2- Clear Clutter From Your Home

This is one of the most important steps on applying Feng Shui principles to your life (home) towards building your wealth.

Clutter is stuck energy, and the essence of cluttered spaces. It is also the dominant energy of people who live in cluttered spaces. Many times, their lives is based on fear, mixed with pessimism and not a quality of energy that can help them to attract wealth. I bet you know somebody like that!

Cleaning the house is a chore that many times we tend to neglect. Procrastinating to clean and to declutter creates stagnant energy that will block any effort to add good Feng Shui in your house.

Learning how to become motivated to clean the space you live is a must to transform your home into a welcoming, warm and productive environment.

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Wealth starts in your mind.

Have you noticed that people with emotional stability and that are growth oriented don’t tolerate messy spaces? Neat, clean and organized rooms lead to emotional health, higher level of productivity and favour creativity.

All these aspects are fundamental for any wealth growth. It is very important to keep your home office as a space that thrives into this direction.

Clearing clutter is not easy, and it might take time to get rid of all your clutter. All you have to do, though, is commit to clearing it.

If you are in a moment of your life that decluttering sounds too overwhelming, start small with this guide of  “21 things to declutter”. You can download for free when you subscribe:


Along with the concept of a clutter clear space is clear organization. If you do not have an organized house, chances are you will start quickly accumulating clutter again.

Each item in your home deserves a space of its own, no matter how small.

Every item, every piece of furniture you own was probably bought with money that you generated with your work. It is pure energy. The sense of gratitude for being healthy to work and therefore able to afford all your belongings can’t be lost in the midst of not valuing your belongings and not looking after them properly. It is all part of the live energy that money brings to the cycle of life.

If you start looking at all your belongings and possessions through the gratitude prism, the decluttering and organizing process of your house will be easier and faster, because it all will make sense, when put it together. 

Wasting time on finding something is frustrating and detracts you from other things and activities, that bring wealth (both financial wealth, as well as the wealth of emotional and physical health).


Feng Shui wealth


3- Set up your Money Area 

The first step is to locate your Feng Shui Money Area, which it is not as complicated as it sounds, especially if you follow the principles of the BTB Feng Shui Western school.


How to locate your Feng Shui Money Area of Your Home or Office


In the classical Feng Shui school, the wealth or money area is considered to be the southeast corner of your home or office space. In the Western or BTB Feng Shui school, the money area is the upper left area of your space as viewed on a floor plan.


How to Find Feng Shui Wealth Area


While defining the money area of your home, or the money area in an individual room, is easy enough, simply defining the space is not enough to enhance prosperity and wealth, according to Feng Shui concepts.

You must also take steps to manage the energy flow around the house.

Things to avoid in the Wealth Center or Money Area

Inappropriate energy, Feng Shui-wise, is not always easy to detect. Some examples are obvious (once you see them!).

I bet you will notice many of them in your own home. We all tend to develop certain blind spots to the things in our surroundings.

With a little bit of an effort,  you might discover some really inappropriate Feng Shui energy in your money area. Here is the list:

  • Trash can (especially an open one)
  • Sad, aggressive or lonely images
  • Broken things
  • Clutter
  • Big toolboxes (metal tools)
  • Paper shredder
  • Unpaid bills
  • Receipts of things that you regret buying
  • Objects that represent money negatively for you (example: something you like but was bought in a difficult time in your life)

 Things to add to your Feng Shui Wealth Center or Money Area

Surround yourself with images and items that speak to you regarding energy of money and the feeling of financial abundance. Choose images according to your personal choice, as we all have different associations with the energy of wealth.

Display symbols of wealth and good luck charms.

Choose the ones that speak to you of wealth and abundance, according to your home’s decor style. 

The main Feng Shui wealth colour is gold, (of course!)  In any decor items – mirrors, frames, lamp bases, trays, coffee tables, etc – whatever you feel that will turn your decor harmonious. 

Include wood elements

Wood is the Feng Shui element of the money or wealth area. The colour blue and images of water will nourish wood, therefore a small water feature, such as a fountain, can greatly enhance a money center.

Properly placed mirrors

Mirrors that are well placed can multiply the prosperity-power of a money area, especially if the mirrors reflect natural scenes or blue colours.

Store your change in a glass bowl

Display your change in your wealth area to form the image of abundance and wealth.There are lots of creative ways of doing so that will not look out of place, using some mason jars, for example.

Don’t take money out of the jar and make sure to keep adding more to it. It has to symbolize that you want your money to keep growing.

Add some elements that are symbols of money

Use various symbols of money in your wealth corner, such as Monopoly or any money board games, piggy banks, your jewelry box and savings account statements.

Include images of money or things related to it

You can also display pictures of the house or car you dream of having, or anything that represents wealth to you.

Place a fish aquarium in the southeast part of your home with dragon fish or arowana

According to Feng Shui rules, the golden-yellow arowana fish is regarded as a symbol of unlimited wealth, bringing good fortune and generating new sources of income. Make sure to keep the aquarium clean and well-oxygenated. Keep the fish well-fed, healthy and happy.

Attract wealth with plants

Place your favourite indoor plants  in the right Feng Shui position (best plants are the ones with round leaves that look like coins) in your wealth area. Some examples are dieffenbachia, jade or silver dollar plants

Use flowers

Flowers are always a pleasant way to  freshness and beauty to a room. It can be fresh flowers, a flower painting or image, or artificial or silk flowers.

feng shui wealth center

4- Keep your kitchen well-maintained

The kitchen symbolizes nourishment, it is considered to be the most important part of your home.

If you are in the stages of planning your kitchen, make sure that it is bright and spacious.

However, if you have a small kitchen, make it seem bigger by painting with and bright colour to get the sense of expansiveness.

If the entrance to your kitchen is not visible from the area where you work, use mirrors to allow you to see the entrance.

how to attract wealth with Feng shui

5- Double Check the Flow of Chi all through the house 


Identifying the flow of Chi in your home is easy if you visualize the Chi flowing into your home as water. How the water would be flowing? Would it be smoothly into your home and nourishing all areas, or would it get blocked and become stagnant?

Like water, Chi can be subject to both blockage and leakage.

The most common Feng Shui Chi blockages in a home occur at the main front door. For example when the main door opens into a wall. Other common examples of Chi blockages are cluttered garages and closets.

Creating a home with a smooth flow of Chi is the main goal to Feng Shui . The flow of energy in your home sooner or later will be reflected in the flow of Chi in your body. When your body energy (Chi) is blocked, you cannot sustain a good quality of life, you will not prosper or be happy.

A good flow of vibrant Chi is vital to support successful productivity, good healthy and wealth.


You’re now on your way to Attract Wealth Through Feng Shui!

Feng Shui is a very intricate pseudoscience that has a complex set of rules. You can also look at it as a simple way of bringing good energy to your home.
Unless you really want to dive into the traditional Feng Shui approach, turning your house and your wealth center into a good energy place is not too complicated.

Use your common sense and personal taste to apply these Feng Shui tips to your life.

Attracting wealth is not only about attracting money, it is a combination of a good attitude towards the live energy of prosperity, good health and generosity.
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