How to Feng Shui your Wallet to Attract more Money

It happens all the time, whenever I need something in my wallet, I can’t find it. Old receipts, expired cards, little pieces of gum paper, and lots of crap I’ve been somehow accumulating. Does this happen with you as well?

I bet it does. Wallets are supposed to carry money and cards and not all the junk that we keep sticking in it.

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Besides this unpractical mess, it is also frustrating to be looking for your credit card while the cashier is waiting, rolling her/his eyes, especially if there is a line behind you.

However more important than that, if you’re a energy believer, is the fact that good vibes won’t happen in any messy space. Our wallets are not an exception to this rule.

Starting from the Feng Shui Bagua of your home to the way your wallet is organized, Feng Shui concepts can add a layer of mystical good energy that you will enjoy welcoming to your life.


Feng Shui Wallet

Feng Shui is a powerful energy system that can help transform stagnant or negative energy, removing blockages and facilitating the flow of good vibes.

According to Feng Shui, the opposite of a stuffy, old and messy wallet is to treat your wallet as a temple that holds and honours your money. It’s another Feng Shui way to attract wealth, prosperity and abundance.

Money is live energy that is created from another source of energy – work – and this cycle has to be respected and apretiatted.

Prosperity can start flowing from this mind set and your wallet will be another vehicle for your sense of gratitude and respect. It is a way to tell the Universe you’re grateful for the money you earn, for your good health to do so and for the tools you have to earn it. 

Attracting good luck and wealth involves more than Feng Shui cures, you’ll need to frame your mind around it and believe it. Of course, even if you’re still a bit skeptical about these concepts, keeping a clean and neat wallet won’t hurt you. As it happens around the house, the more comfortable and at ease you feel with everyday items that you handle frequently, life becomes easier and good energy will flow around you.

The ideal Feng Shui Wallet

The best way you can organize your wallet, according with Feng Shui concepts is to take in consideration 3 aspects:

1. Order
Carry only what you need and have a clear system in which you keep every item in your wallet organized and easy to find.

2. Space
Allow space for what you really need to keep there, less is always more.

3. Auspicious Energy
Choose the best colours and materials and take good care of your wallet.

How to Feng Shui your Wallet to attract Wealth

1- Replace your old wallet for a new and fabulous one

The experience you’ll have, feeling good every time you reach for it, is exactly what you will attract. Your wallet is a personal item you handle many times during the day, make it a pleasure to reach out for it. Avoid getting second hand wallets (even if it is a Louis Vuitton), you want your own energy in your wallet. A good example of a traditional Feng Shui wallet is this one. Or this cute one. Or you might like a leather one.

2- Choose a wallet color that speaks to you and is related to good luck 

In Feng Shui, color is considered the strongest expression of specific energies, called Feng Shui elements. This is a complex subject. Ideally you’ll look for a connection between your own personal birth element and the colour you want to pick. You can read more about it here.

Many colours are auspicious and meaningful to attract abundance and wealth. Good Feng Shui colours include: red, purple, deep blue, black and green.

You can also use a simple guide to decide about the colour of your wallet as this one:

  • For saving money – brown, beige, tan or yellow
  • For protecting and maintaining your money – red or hot pink
  • For boosting cash flow and increasing abundance – red, gold or purple
  • For starting fresh and beginning a new chapter in your life – green or teal blue

3- Declutter your Wallet

Old receipts, little papers, gum wraps, old photos don’t belong to your wallet. Keep it organized, clean and neat so you’ll find everything you’re looking for in no time. A chaotic wallet means a chaotic money system that is not aligned with abundance and wealth.

Old bank statements for example, hold the energy of spending and of money going out.

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4- Wallet Shapes Can Represent Elements and Help to Attract Abundance

Different shapes have different Feng Shui meanings

  • Rectangle is a good symbol for a wallet since it represents the wood element. Wood is a symbol of growth.
  • Square is the symbol for the earth element. Earth is the symbol of stability and balance into your finances
  • A round coin purse is auspicious since it represents the metal element.

5- Keep your Wallet Stored Where Good Energy Flows

Good energy and positive and balanced vibes are the core of Feng Shui principles. Therefore not only your wallet has to be treasured but stored in a good place that is well kept and valued, like inside a nice purse (decluttered) or on a surface that honours it – on a small tray or inside an attractive box

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6- Protect your Identity

Although it seems obvious, protecting your identity from falling from your wallet when you open it, is a must. Your identity is most important when it comes to your wealth. Don’t mix your driver’s license with credit cards and paper money.

7- Avoid carrying tons of credit cards

Don’t clutter your wallet with tons of credit cards. They represent debt. Keep 2 or 3 of the best ones, that give you the most benefits and perks.

8- Keep some cash always handy

Many of us  don’t carry any money these days. However, just looking at some money in your wallet triggers your brain to feel that you’re financially resourceful. Ideally, keep $108 in cash. It’s a lucky number, according to Feng Shui. Keep the notes in a neat sequence.

According to a more traditional Feng Shui approach, you might be able to activate the energy of your wallet by keeping an auspicious amount of money in your wallet at all times. It is an amount of money that you won’t t spend. It is supposed to stay in a red envelope in your wallet (you can make it yourself).

The purpose of this is to protect and modulate how you spend and earn money. It will ensure that you always have the energy of wealth in your wallet. Choose your amount $9, $18, $27, $108 or more, preferably in new bills. Keep them neatly in the envelope.

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9- Carrying crystals is an option to increase good luck 

If you’re into crystals, you might like the idea of carrying small crystals, that relate with what you want to improve, in your wallet. You also can find some wallets that have engraved crystals. A good idea is to add your birth stone crystal charm to your wallet. To learn more about crystals for abundance read this article.

10- Feng Shui your wallet often

Try organizing your wallet every month. It is also auspicious to time it with the western New Year or Chinese solar new year, your birthday or a full moon.

A good idea to boost the energy when cleaning your wallet Feng Shui way is to set your intentions, creating a small ritual that will align your wealth and abundance intentions to your wallet.

11- Manifest your financial intentions before starting to Feng Shui your wallet

You can start your Feng Shui your wallet ritual with a simple and short meditation or follow your breath for two minutes before you get started to focus on the energy you wish to manifest.

Don’t rush as you move through your wallet ritual and try to be aware of each step.

You will be resetting the energy of your wallet and rewiring your awareness of how you deal with your money.

Here are some examples of intentions you can set as you move through the exercise/ritual:

Feeling financially protected: your money and credit cards are secure in your wallet

Feeling grateful:  you’re grateful for your job and/or all activities that allow you to make money. You’re grateful that you’re valued  for your work

Feeling prosperous and financially stable: you’re working diligently toward your goals and you’re creating abundance and prosperity in your life. Cash flow will be steady and your career success will continue.

Feeling excited with a new career: you’re creating  a new way of earning and supporting yourself, you do have all the resources to do so.

Feeling balanced and grounded: You’re not the things you own or buy. You’re enough and complete, resourceful and have all the elements to be happy.

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Whether you’re a serious Feng Shui follower or just starting to learn about it, organizing your wallet will be lots of fun. It will make you feel good about an item you touch so often during the day and one more thing in your life that you manage to organize, clean and declutter.

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