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Healthy and Decadent Tofu Chocolate Mousse

If you are in the healthy food wagon, chances are that you are used to incorporate Tofu in your diet. We all know how Tofu is an excellent source of amino acids, iron, calcium and other micro-nutrients and how it is a feature ingredient in the Asian cuisine. Have you ever tried a Tofu Chocolate Mousse?

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So many health benefits, Tofu is a star when you want to add rich amounts of protein to your dishes, while blending well with other ingredients and not interfering with the main flavour.

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As a source of protein, Tofu contains all nine essential amino acids. It is also packed with iron and calcium and magnesium, copper, zinc and vitamin B1.

Tofu, or bean curd, is made out of soya. Similarly to the traditional dairy cheese, Tofu  is made by curdling fresh soya milk, pressing it into a solid block and then cooling it. The liquid (whey) is discarded, and the curds are pressed to form a cohesive bond. 

It is believed that Tofu was discovered about 2000 years ago by a Chinese cook who accidentally curdled soy milk when he added nigari seaweed.

It was then introduced into Japan in the eighth century and was originally called okabe. Only in 1400 its modern name became Tofu. By the 1960s, with the healthy eating interest, it was brought to Western countries. 

You can find very detailed and interesting information about Tofu benefits in this article

I am an avid consumer of Tofu. Probably is in my blood, since my dad was Japanese. We would have “Sukiyaki” at home, cooked by him and Tofu was that magical sponge ingredient, sucking all the flavors of what was being cooked in the pan. Fond memories for me!

For me, the combincation of grilled Tofu, soy sauce and white steamed rice is to die for! My husband can’t believe it!

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This is why I was so thrilled when I saw Chef Michael Smith  preparing this dessert on TV show a long time ago.He called it “the world’s fastest chocolate mousse”.

And it t is like magic!

This Tofu Chocolate Mousse is fast preparation and so nutritious! It is an amazing and yummy dessert made with only 3 ingredients!

Before I decided to post this recipe, I made sure to watch my family’s reaction when I served the Tofu Chocolate Mousse ( I did not mention to them that this chocolate mousse was actually prepared with tofu). And I was very glad to see that they really liked it and never thought there was some Tofu hidden in there.

The recipe calls for bittersweet chocolate, which I didn’t use at that time. I know my family doesn’t like it and I thought the sweetness of milk chocolate would more prevalent.

It is so filling that you can make it in really small bowls, for better portion control, if you are watching your calories intake. Add some whipped cream and it is ready!

It is a festive enough dessert for any special desserts and it can be prepared ahead of time up to 2 days.

Healthy and Decadent Tofu Chocolate Mousse

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Healthy and Decadent Tofu Chocolate Mousse 

4 portions or 6 smaller ones

8 oz silken organic tofu, room temperature
8 oz bittersweet chocolate, chopped
1 tablespoon vanilla extract

Melt chocolate in a bowl set over a pot of simmering water. Be careful to not allow any drop of water in the chocolate mix.

You can watch how to melt and temper chocolate in this video:

Puree the tofu in a food processor until very smooth.
Add the melted chocolate and vanilla and puree again until the mixture is very smooth.
Pour into 4 or 6 serving dishes and chill until ready to serve.
Top your Tofu Chocolate Mousse with whipped cream for a pretty presentation.




Tofu Chocolate Mousse