Healthy Homemade Dog Food that your dog will love!

As a dog lover is there anything more heart warming than seeing your dog enjoying a meal? Or devouring his favourite treat and wagging his happy tail at the same time?

Yet most of us go for the easiest way of feeding our furry friends with good quality kibble and their favourite cookies or treats. It is way easier and super convenient, nothing wrong with that.

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But after seeing so many pictures of dog owners, on my Instagram, feeding their pets on different ways, my husband and I started talking about it. Maybe it was time for a change. Time for home made healthy dog food, fresh dog food.

Meet our 3 Huskies here.


Healthy homemade food for dogs

Pleasing your furry friends with fresh home made dog food will be a pleasure

Searching for ideas wasn’t difficult at ll. Our goal was to go as organic as possible, super healthy and most important, very yummy, so our dogs would really enjoy. I even found this service that delivers fresh healthy dog food for you, in case you’re not too worried with the cost.

Talking to other dog owners I heard a lot about some super healthy options to top kibble with raw but the price for larger dogs can be an issue and there is a lot of controversy about it.

We considered their different tastes and particular health issues. For example, Turbo, our oldest has sensitive stomach and Stella needs glucosamine on her food to prevent ostheoporosis, since she had her back knees surgically repaired when she was 9 months old.

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Homemade dog food basics

We came up with a recipe that was a big success in the first batch. We introduced it slowly, mixed with the kibble. Our goal was to eventually replace the kibble completely but decided against it. We always add 1/4 or 1/3 portion of kibble with every meal. We don’t want to take them completely out of it, in case we are unable to prepare the food for some reason.

Even using organic (when possible) ingredients, the cost of their food was decreased by half, including the cost of the kibble that they still eat. 50% cheaper!   

Preparation time for home made dog food

It takes a good hour of preparation with the 2 of us doing it, plus 30 min to pack and freeze everything. We are now cooking for 2 weeks at a time but we have 2 large dogs, so you can do the math for your dog. Related: Benefits of owning two dogs    

It is so worthy to see how happy they get!

The added benefits were soon to be found. Clean bowls after each meal. Turbo’s stomach issues gone for good and perfect poops! And as I have mentioned before, the cost cut off by half, in our case. 


Healthy Homemade Dog Food (with organic rice and veggies)




 6 pounds lean ground beef or skinless chicken


4 cups grated carrots


3 cups grated spinach (green beans or peas are a good substitute)


6 apples chopped with the skin


5 cups of organic brown rice, raw


10 cups of water with a pinch of salt


8 eggs, whisked




Chop all veggies and apples in the processor.


Brown the beef if you really want to release more flavour. Or you can skip it and just mix everything together. I can swear our dogs liked the batch where we browned the beef better! If you do so, you can also drain the beef fat to decrease the fat content, before adding the other ingredients. We do this when we use regular ground beef.

In a large pot combine all the ingredients, bring to a boil and cook in low heat for approximately 1 and a half hour.

Let it cool and pack in medium freezer plastic bags. Larger packages will not last in the  fridge for too long.

healthy home made dog food

You can experiment with different types of proteins. We were so keen on making it as healthy as possible and we tried adding chicken liver to the second batch. Big mistake. Huskies are not food oriented and they both turned their noses to the strong flavor of the liver and we gave away the whole batch.

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Fish is a big hit with them but it is also more expensive, so we rotate proteins with the odd fish batch.

If you are a dog lover, this is something you will really enjoy doing!

Cheap and healthy homemade dog food that your dog will love

Home made healthy dog food
healthy home made dog food


home made healthy dog food

healthy home made dog food

home made healthy dog food

Home made healthy dog food

home made healthy dog food