21 Reasons Why You Will Love to Own a Husky

Are you thinking of getting a dog in your life? Do you think that a pet will make your life happier and more joyful? What about a Husky?

You’re so right! It is one of the best things you can do! The new pet, puppy or not, will fill your life with so much joy that probably you will not understand how it took you so long to make this decision.

And you will not remember how your life was before that!

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It will be a big adjustment to your lifestyle and unfortunately, many people don’t put too much thought on it.

It is a commitment for many years, you will be 100% responsible for all aspects of the life of your new friend, such a deep connection, an act of love!

Love that you will get it back in double, triple, unconditionally, all the time! When you’re happy, when you’re down, when you’re sick or tired, there will be a happy tail wag, a smile, a lick, a cuddle.

There will be lots of fun, play time, cuddle time, nonsense time, photo time, walks in the park, shopping for all sorts of doggy things!

And there will be not so pleasant times of cleaning up after them, teaching the house routines, their bathroom rules, dealing with damages from chewing your furniture and learning what their personalities are like, sometimes with some not so nice surprises.

husky in the snow

I am a dog lover, as you can tell. With all my heart and soul, my husband and I look after our 2 Huskies, (update 2019 – 3 Huskies) one of the best dogs we ever owned. We used to have German Shepards, beautiful, loyal and intelligent dogs until we had to deal with a very aggressive one.

It was a difficult and painful experience that made us change breeds and directions in our love for these furry beings.

Read our full Husky story here.

We adopted Turbo, who had been rescued from the street, he is a gorgeous half German Sheppard and half Husky, or something along this line. And we fell in love with his goofiness and sweetness combined with a sense of independence and stubbornness that makes him so unique and adorable.

Own a Husky Facts

One year later we rescued Stella from a backyard Husky breeder. She was just the cutest thing ever but early in her life we discovered her back knees were getting out of place all the time. She had to be operated on both knees when she was only 9 months old. We had to find a surgeon specialized in this specific kind of surgery. It was very expensive but for us, there was no other option.

She had her early share of pain after the surgery plus physiotherapy sessions and a long recovery period. It broke our hearts to see her enduring that pain, bravely and humbly. The surgery was a success, she will never be as strong as other dogs but she can run, walk and pull (she thinks we are her sled) very well.

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And with her, we definitely learned a lot about the Husky breed, which I will share with you.

Siberian Huskies Facts

Huskies are such gorgeous puppies that many people buy them, by impulse, just to find out that they really can’t deal with their high energy, the constant shedding or whatever other problem.

Training Huskies is not an easy task.

They love to be free and can run away in an eye blink. It is heartbreaking seeing so many ads of people that after a few months, when they have lost their puppies look, want to sell them, getting rid of the 4 legs that thought were protected and had a home…

So, although I am sharing with you these 21 reasons to own a Husky, with humour and playful comments, I feel obligated to state that, as beautiful as they are, every family should consider their own lifestyle to determine if this is a breed for them or not. It is just not right to offer a dog a home just to get rid of it later on.

So enjoy the tips and make a responsible decision! You also can find tons of great detailed information here.

21 Reasons why you will love to own a Husky

1- They steal your heart with one single look! Those blue eyes…

Huskies beautiful blue eyes might be the first thing that attracts people. They are way more than a beautiful face though. They will offer you unconditional love, like all dogs do, but its is a complete package that comes with fun, sweetness and companionship.

2- You really can’t stop touching them, they are way too soft!

Yes, their fur is something in between cat’s fur and dog hair. Thick and soft, even shedding a lot, there is nothing nicer and more soothing than patting a Husly.

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3- Your vacuuming skills will be elevated to “expert” mode very quickly.

They do shed a lot (3 times a year). Profusely! My solution is to vacuum every day.

I own 3 vacuumers: The main one is not cordless, I need lots of power to vacuum the carpet in the upper floor, since, of course the dogs sleep in our bedroom.

This vacuum is heavy duty for all the dog hair that gets deep in the carpet. My second best friend is this tool. Mine is an older version of this, we bought 7 years ago and will last you forever.

And the third wireless vacuum is light and I use for the hardwood floors downstairs. It is an easy job that only takes me 10 min.

I might one day write a full post on how to clean a house with 3 Huskies!

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4- You will learn to love their independence.

You might need to reinforce your fence and keep them always on a leash. Their drive to explore and be free is beautiful to watch but also dangerous.

You do need to have high fences in your backyard.

dog, huskies, animal

5- They don’t bark, they howl! Beautiful howling songs, all lengths, and rhythms!

They do talk back to you and can have temper tantrums arguing about what they want or not to do.

6- They are not food oriented, no begging for food!

For this reason make sure to feed them with high-quality food, grain free, packed with good proteins. Or spoil them rotten cooking some homemade food, as we do.

7- They love the winter and the snow, of course!

You don’t have to pack them up for walks in the freezing temperatures and they make a wonderful companion for your winter activities, enjoying every minute.

8- They love to swim and play, they will gladly give up cookies for it!

Our 3 Huskies will decline treats if they know they’re about to go for a ride in the car, a walk or any play activity. Ideally they need to be exercised 3 times a day.

I know, it is a lot and we do what we can to provide it.

Huskies facts and why you should own one

9- They love people and other dogs. All people and most dogs love them back!

It is so nice to own dogs that everyone loves. Huskies are pack oriented dogs and love people, we never ever had any incient where they would be agressive in any way. Playful and happy they always put a smile in people’s faces.

Reasons to won a Husky

10- You might want to install that home alarm, after all.

They are not designed to guard your house, intruders will be welcome with a happy howl!

And will be invited to come in the house to play with them.


11- If you are a couch potato, they are also the dogs for you!

When they’re lazy, sofas, beds, and pillows are a must. When they’re not, get ready to provide lots of exercises, they do need to run and be active.

12- They are weather oriented like you!

They look out, it is raining, they go into hibernating for the day. Is it snowing? Playtime. Sunshine? Let’s go for a long walk!

13- They can take everything in when they go for a walk.

It is not all about their noses and smells, they do look up and out, taking the time to appreciate the landscape and what is going on around them. Also probably wondering how they would escape from you.

For this reason, we splurged on heavy duty leashes like this one. Over time they will learn how to walk with you but in the meantime, you need to control them.

14- They are sort of loners, in their own way.

They are peopke oriented but also loners when it suits them.

Huskies can spend lots of time, outside, enjoying the fresh air, by themselves, not begging for your company all the time. In the winter one of our Huskies, Stella can be found, rolled into a ball in a little nest in the snow, enjoying the “wilderness”.

Husky facts

15- They are escape artists.

If you’re trapped somewhere with them, they (and you) will always find the way out, dig out, chew  obstacles away, destroy barriers. Nothing will stop them if they’re determined to run away.

16- You can get your own sled in the winter and train them!

I am serious! Their drive to pull is unbelievable! If you have the oportunity, training hem with a sled can be amazing. I follow many people on Instagram who do so.

Actually, you can follow our happy pack on Instagram here.

17- They can help with your gardening! They’re serious diggers.

This is a problem we have with our youngest Husky, Mary. She loves to dig and she can go deep. we have to fence up all flowers beds in the backyard and keep an eye on them when thy’re out. Only solution we found was this outdoor camera.

18-They’re athletic dogs.

They’re physical dogs, they can run super fast, jump high fences (be careful with yours), pull and walk for miles. They will join you for all your outdoor work out for hours. Don’t forget to bring their water, though, the thick fur heats up very fast and they really have a hard time in the summer.

19- They will only start listening to you around 3 years old.

As they mature (around 3 years old) and decide is ok to listen to you, they become the smartest dogs, understanding all your commands and routines. That doesn’t mean they will always comply with them though.

20- Don’t wear dark colours clothes.

You might have to tell your guests to NOT dress dark colours when they come to visit you. Keeping a brush close by always helps for when they’re leaving. Brushing them every day helps a lot!


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21. They will boost your self-confidence!

You will get many compliments about their beauty and blue eyes everywhere you go, a great conversation startup!

 Do you own a Husky? Drop me a line and tell me all about it! I will love to hear!

Siberian Husky - 21 reasons you should own one

The 3 huskies crazy house

21 reasons why you will love owning a Husky

21 reasons why you will love to own a husky

21 reasons why you should own a husky

 21 reasons why you should own a Siberian Husky