The Three Huskies Crazy House

I thought it would be a good idea to introduce these adorable 3 four legs (three by four, as we call them), that feature in so many of my posts here. They’re family and a very important part of our lives. They keep us busy and active and most importantly, very loved.

We are now used to be called crazy for owning three dogs and actually now are sort of proud of the title.

My husband and I were always dogs lovers and have owned several different dogs all through our lives. We met late in life and at the time he was living alone with an amazing and loving German Sheppard called Sam. Sam passed away  young, at 6 years old, from a twisted stomach episode, from which he didn’t survive the surgery.

Our next dog came from the same breeder where Sam was bought and his name was Benny. To this day it is difficult to tell Benny’s story because, although he supposedly should be genetically similar to our sweet Sam, he was not. Early, as the gorgeous and healthy puppy he was, he showed aggressive behaviours, that overtime became more serious and very dangerous.

We did everything in our power to deal with it: 3 different types of training, private trainers, training devices, etc. Over 6 long years we had several incidents with his aggressive behaviours, although we were always very aware of how careful we had to be. He was not only aggressive with other dogs and animals but with people he hadn’t met before. He was an insecure dog, not aware of his majestic body and strength, using his fear as his only trait.

The decision of putting him down was one of the most difficult ones we had to face and along with that we were also badly judged and hurt.

After that, we knew that the only road to recovery from the emotional stress of losing him, was to get another dog right away. We also decided we wanted to adopt a dog.

Welcoming the First Husky Home


The 3 Huskies Crazy HouseThat was when we found our loving Turbo, who was up for adoption. He was 9 months old and apparently just waiting for us to find him. We picked him up and he behave like he knew us since he was born. Wagging his tail, he jumped up in the car and said: take me home.

He is half Husky and half some kind of Sheppard, with ears way too big for his face, used to have endless energy and now that he is 8 years old he is a couch potato, sweet, affectionate and lazy.




The 3 Huskies Crazy House


Two Huskies in the House

Stella came along because we thought Turbo was bored with his endless energy and would really appreciate some companion. At that point, we were already in love with the Husky characteristics and personality and aware of how to look after them, with their sweet sturbornness and independence. We rescued her from a backyard breeder and again, she picked us, actually, she picked Turbo. She ran to him, not to us and decided she wanted to live with him.

She was one of the prettiest puppies we had seen. Cover in flees, starving, she found a home where she could rule with no limits. That also happened because very early in her life, we discovered she had bad back knees, the caps would fall out of place, causing her to lose her balance and fall. She learned very early that we would do anything she wanted because of her injury. To this day we call her princess, and she (not humbly) accepts the title and behaves as such.

It was heartbreaking  to see her in pain all the time and so, off we went for the biggest ever expense we had with any pet we owned up to that point. She had to have a double knee surgery at 9 months old, which was performed by a dog knees specialist surgeon in Toronto, Canada, which technique was innovative and very effective if the surgery was done before the puppy’s first year.

She endured so much pain after the surgery with the bravery and humbleness that only dogs can have. She literally missed all her first year as a puppy with lots of physiotherapy sessions and therefore learned no manners, and to this day, keeps doing what she wants.

Stella is a loner and a sweetheart. She is intelligent and while Turbo comes to us crying for help for his doggy problems, Stella finds solutions, as a typical female. She is the one who asks for what she needs, loud and clear and enjoys her dinner, lying down, slowly savouring her food. 

Last year, noticing Turbo aging fast, my husband came up with the brilliant idea of getting a third dog. I said no right away to only change my mind when I saw the picture of this little puppy he found online. I am as weak as him, and looking at that adorable face, I totally forget of ll my complains about keeping the house clean with all the dogs we own.


Three Huskies in the House 


The 3 Huskies Crazy House


Mary was named as for Mary Snow, since John Snow, from Game of Thrones is such a gorgeous looking guy, who lives by a snow wall. And there I were, flying from Toronto with her at 3 months old, first time I had ever flew with a pet.

We had time to plan her arrival to the family and made sure the other 3 dogs were not home. She had time to bond with me and then with my husband and then with the other 2 dogs. She immediately loved everybody, although Stella gave her some hard time letting her know about what was her position in the packing order.

We had time to get the house all ready to accommodate her. Mary quickly learned how the family pack worked and everybody was happy. I have to say though, that the first year of owning the 3 of them was hard, as cleaning the house goes plus the work to teach Mary the ropes.

For the first time, owning 3 Huskies, we finally started off the right way, and as far as Husky training is possible, she is the one who can respond to the commands (not many, of course) very quickly. Her personality is totally different than the other two. She is the sweetest, athletic one, and need to be physically closed to one of us (humans or dogs) all day long. She has never spent one single day of her life alone, ever. She loves to hauls, has lots to say and sound like a siren, especially in the long arguments she has with Stella.

Everything in our life is based on our love for these 3 four legs and there are lots to accommodate regarding having guests, family over, holidays, working, etc, but we wouldn’t have any other way.


The 3 huskies crazy house